Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Quilts I Pieced

This was the first quilt that I pieced - it was a crib quilt for my first granddaughter who was born in 1977. The quilting was also done in Arkansas. It is amazing how the fabrics have changed since this was made.
Then I was inspired to make this quilt, which also took a trip to Arkansas. Back then, there was no rotary cutter and mat so you made a template out of cardboard or plastic and drew around it on the fabric (I used a pen such as a sharpie) then cut it out with scissors. Another material used to make templates was sandpaper. It gripped the fabric nicely. How things have changed!
(Click to enlarge)


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    1. i'm sorry i had to delete my first comment, when i read it i just had to correct some grammar....Anyway, i LOVE the teal or green quilt that is the first quilt you pieced. i forgot to say that at first, but i love the colors and the yellow center is so pretty. I bet the grand daughter treasures this keepsake. -i am going to hunt for a pattern like this quilt.

  2. I love the both of these quilts! You are beyond Amazing! i am totally inspired. i could never choose one of your quilts for a 'favorite' because they are each a wonderful Art! Goodness, your family is Lucky and i believe you have convinced me to quilt something :) THANK YOU for sharing these beauties! Marise