Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Really Old UFO

Some time in the early 80's, I found a pattern for a quilt in one of the few magazines devoted to quilting back then. It was in the style of "quilt as you go" which was championed by Georgia Bonesteel. You would make blocks or sections of quilts, quilt them, then assemble them afterwards. A good idea but a pain in the neck! I did one quilt that way and didn't get this one finished.
This is a good representation of what was available in the way of fabrics back then - small prints, calicoes, pin dots, etc. None of the gorgeous fabric we have now. And most of the backgrounds were plain. Still pretty, though.

This is one of the borders - I think I have one or two of them finished and the other two still need to be completed. Maybe someday someone will find this and think the old "antique" quilt would be fun to complete. I doubt if I ever will since I haven't by now. (Click to enlarge)