Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fluffy Ruffles

There have been some of these little ruffled quilts popping up here and there and they are so cute. I recently bought a specialty foot for my machine that gathers with the speed of light. You first have to finish the edges, though, and that takes some time zigzagging along each side using a wide stitch that is quite close together. Seems to almost turn the raw edge under and works great. After that the gathering goes like lightning. I put the entire quilt together, ruffles and all, then made the quilt sandwich and did the quilting. It was kind of a wrestling match but turned out well. Next time, after a suggestion from one of my blog readers, I will do all the prep and quilting and, then before binding, will add the ruffles. It will make it much easier and much less bulk. I really like this little piece! (Click to enlarge)