Sunday, June 26, 2011

Choo Choo Train Quilt

I will be a great grandmother for the first time and the little sweet boy is due on my 83rd birthday, which is so nice to think about but I will be happy whenever he arrives.  This is a quilt I made for him - his great grandpa worked for the Santa Fe and over all our married life had an HO model railroad layout.  When we were living in the Kansas City area, the layout was very big and our first granddaughter (the pregnant one) used to be in the basement with her grandpa playing trains.  I knew the minute I saw this that I would make it.  I had drafted up the pattern as this was from a special Fons and Porter magazine of baby quilts which was several years old and I could not find it.  Before I started the piece, however, one of the girls in the quilt guild pulled this out of the magazines brought in for our quilt show bazaar so, presto, I had the complete pattern.  I did, however, add the smoke which I thought the engine needed.

Closeups of some of the rolling stock on this little railroad.
Norah and her grandpa playing train.

She stands by the little town at the end of the layout.  The little church had a cemetery behind it.  My husband built all the little buildings from kits.  He so loved doing that.  I'm sure you can see why the train quilt seemed perfect to me. (Click to enlarge)