Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Challenge Quilts for our Quilt Shows

Each spring for the past few years, our guild has had a quilt show and each fall there is a challenge issued which you may take or not. During the show, the group of challenge quilts are displayed together and there are some really great, clever quilts. Here are mine:

This was 2008 - I got the cart before the horse - the challenge was dots.
This year, we each drew a card and had to make a wallhanging of that card. I did the 5 of hearts.

I think this was 2007 - Old McDonaldKind of a south of the border Fiesta. Stars Log Cabin.
I think this was all of them - but it's a good idea of what we did. Our playing cards will be exhibited at the Michigan Quilter's Network Show this fall. It was really a fun display.
(Click to enlarge)

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