Friday, July 10, 2009

Attagirl, Carol

My first attempt at the New York Beauty block and I did it by paper piecing. Also lots of curved piecing in this one which I had not done very much of. Very proud of this piece!
Some of the fabrics are incredibly homely , but they all work together and make a pretty quilt.
As I would finish a block, I would stick it up on the flannel wall. I actually did not rearrange them but sewed them together row by row just as they were. One of my favorite quilts.
(Click to enlarge)


  1. Carol, I have followed your "Funoldhag" blog for several months. But, I only discovered the "Just Quilts" blog today. What a treat! This new York beauty is breath-taking. Wow!

  2. The comment is true, this quilt is breath-taking! i have tried paper piecing and i loved it and plan to do more. I have just enough experience to understand how much work and talent, plus patience! -that you put into this beautiful quilt!